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“Our aim is to provide unique high quality care, enabling individuals to lead valued and fulfilled lives with freedom to make choices.”

About Augustinian Care

The Augustinian Order was founded in 1842 in Bruges, Belgium by Reverend Canon Peter John Maes who devoted his life to the care of the mentally ill. The Sisters of St. Augustine was re-formed in 1866 when it established its first home, St. George's Retreat in Burgess Hill, Sussex, principally to care for the mentally and physically ill. The Sisters have continued to care for those that need it ever since.

Augustinian Care provides care with nursing for older people with frailty and those with mental health problems in Sussex. Our aim is to provide unique high quality care, enabling individuals to lead valued and fulfilled lives with freedom to make choices. 

We believe that everybody should be able to have the opportunity to live their later days in comfort, being treated with respect and dignity and to have happiness and fun combined with the best possible care.

We are fully committed to the Core Values

Our Core Values

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The Augustinian Order provides care for:
  • Older People – Nursing Care
  • Physical Disabilities – Stroke
  • Dementia Care including Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Mental Health Needs

You are very welcome to visit our homes and spend time with us so that you can experience for yourself the care that we provide. One of our qualified nurses will spend time with potential residents and their relatives to ensure that the home can meet their needs. 

Following admission our qualified staff develop plans for all aspects of a resident’s needs this enables the staff to deliver person-centred care. These plans are reviewed on a regular basis with the resident, their relatives and staff to ensure that we continue to meet their needs. 

Each resident is allocated a key worker and they make it their responsibility to ensure all the resident’s needs are met and to provide personal touches on birthdays and anniversaries making your relative feel special. 

Our homes have Sisters who are able to offer support to residents and their families in a Pastoral role. The homes are supported by outside health professionals and the local GP visits on a weekly basis. 

If you are looking for a Care Home for a loved one, then you can be assured that they will receive the complete care they require and deserve, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that they are being looked after as if you were doing it yourself. 


We are proud to have a team of committed, highly trained carers. We fully support staff that choose to take more formal qualifications, including NVQs in care and NVQs in catering, and have specific training programmes for care staff that specialise in dementia care. In-house training programmes are also carried out and updated on a regular basis. Regular meetings are held with all members of the team to enable them to be involved in the care of the residents and the running of the home. 


Visitors are welcome to come and spend time with their relatives or friends and are able to take them out for a trip or just for a stroll around the beautiful and extensive grounds that all our homes are set in. 


Activities are a very important part of the care provided to our residents and our Activities Organisers get to know the residents and their interests. The activities are varied and include shopping trips, walks in the gardens and reminiscence therapy or simply chatting to other residents adding interest to the day. Musical entertainment is particularly enjoyed with outside entertainers visiting the homes. Relatives are welcome to join in with activities and we strongly encourage family and friends to take part in social events in our homes and become part of our community. 


Our homes have their own qualified catering team who provide a varied and nutritious diet and are also able to provide meals for individual dietary needs. The menus are rotated on a regular basis and reflect the different seasons. Celebrations are organised for birthdays and anniversaries and relatives are encouraged to attend these special events. Our catering team attend Residents’ Meetings to hear their views and suggestions for Menus, which are implemented. 


The Homes have their own laundries which allow all the residents’ personal clothing items to be cared for in-house as well as laundering the Homes’ linen and other items. 

Beauty Care

Our homes have facilities for hairdressing and can provide other beauty treatments such as nail care and massage. We offer an open and homely atmosphere where Residents feel comfortable to be themselves and to receive the support and comfort that they deserve.