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“Our aim is to provide unique high quality care, enabling individuals to lead valued and fulfilled lives with freedom to make choices.”

Who are we?

We are a community of Sisters founded by Canon Peter Maes in 1842 in Belgium. He responded to the cry of the sick and homeless by building homes for them.

Our mission is to care for those who are sick in mind and body with love and compassion; remembering what our Lord said ‘whatsoever you did to the least of mine you did it to me’.

We live in Community and strive to live an effective relationship with God and with each other.

Following the Rule of St Augustine based on the Gospel we strive to live together in harmony (Psalm 67:7), being of one mind and one heart (Act.4:32) on the way to God.

Like St Augustine we are led by the Spirit and we allow him to be the thriving force. It is important to listen to the voice of the Spirit.

Our Prayer

Our Prayer is very important in our lives because it is through prayer that we receive strength to carry out this work. We meet together to pray for morning prayer, Celebration of the Eucharist and evening prayer. Also we pray privately and meditate on the scriptures.

To carry on our mission on going training in care is paramount toensure we give the best care possible with the individual’s best interest.

Where have we come from?

From all walks of life, some of us were Nurses before we entered, others secretaries, ordinary people from ordinary families, enjoying growing up and then listening to the voice of the Lord. We responded to his knock on our door by opening the door and letting Him into our lives.

Every 4 years we have a Chapter, it is a time to stop and take stock of what we are doing. Is our Community experiencing a renewal of community life based on the Holy Scriptures and the Spirit of St Augustine?

It has been through our recent Chapters that we have been led by the Spirit to engage our colleagues who work with us to welcome them into leadership. Through them we have received much support and have been able to update our Care Homes and provide independent living through our Care Village.

How will you respond?


How will you respond?